Winter Farthing:

Age: 20
A super genius retired from a celebrity life she hated. Her father was MIA overseas and her mother went missing when the Eastern Seabord Tsunami hit Boston in 2016.


Robert "Bob" Wallace

Age: 20
Rather skilled with electronics, Bob moved to the city of Saint Boston with his friend, Jim, to forget about some highschool. He is still dwelling on it somwhat after 3 years.


James "Jim" Nages

Age: 21
Somewhat obssive about his interests, however he is quite social, despite his tendency to be blunt. Jim knew Bob throughout highschool, and suggested moving to St Boston.


Beta-3 Systems CEO

Age: Unknown
Not many have met the mysterious CEO of Beta-3 Systems since the company rose to power in late 2023. Some think the company was founded through illegitimatemeans . Yet their philanthropic attitude and speedy recovery efforts for the tsunami has won over the American public and the United Nations, making the CEO one of -if not the- most powerful men in the world.







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